Veloflex Corsa Tire Review

The Veloflex Corsa Tire is the perfect bike tire for road races, criterium, fast training and overall just-for-fun riding. It is very similar to Veloflex's Master Tire, except it offers a black sidewall with a colored tread (the Master bike tire is the other way around). Veloflex came about when Vittoria decided to make their bike tires offshore of Italy. Veloflex is comprised of former Vittoria employees who thought they could make the bike tires lighter and faster. And they did just that.

The Veloflex Corsa Tire uses a Kevlar belt and bead. Kevlar is a para-aramid synthetic fiber that was originally developed at DuPont in the 1960s. It is intertwined into ropes and fabrics and is so tough it is used on body armor. In the Veloflex bike tire, it has a great strength-to weight ratio, which means a lighter bike tire that is as strong as it can be. The Corsa tire weighs 180 grams for a single bike tire, 360 for the pair in the 700x22 size. That makes it one of the lightest clincher bike tires around by at least 30 grams for a single tire, 60 grams for the pair.

The tire has a TPI (thread per inch) count of 320 – one of the highest in the industry. This tight weaving means the tire is ultra-resistant to punctures and flats. This high TPI casing means the bike tire has very low weight without losing any of its strength or comfort. It's a clincher tire with a tubular feel.

The full diamond pattern on the tread in combination with the special road holding rubber compound makes for excellent cornering and great grip. The tire is very responsive. Each bike tire has an estimated tread life of at least 1500 miles and a max PSI of 145 pounds, though we only recommend going to 110 pounds for the best in performance.

The tire also comes complete with a Clicot puncture-resistant layer that, in combination with the high thred per inch count and Kevlar bead a belt, makes for a nearly indestructible bike tire.

The 700x20 size weighs less than the 700x22 size, and as it should, it's a smaller size and therefore uses less material than the larger bike tire. The smaller size still offers the best in cornering and grip performance. It uses the same Kevlar belt and bead as the larger bike tire and still has the 320 TPI.

The Veloflex Corsa Tire is simply the best bike tire out there. It performs great in all circumstances (road races, crit, training and regular riding conditions) and is still one of the lightest tires on the road. The tire is available in all black, black with blue and black with red in the 700 by 22 size and black with red or all black in the 700 by 20 size. These tires speak for everything Veloflex wanted from a tire. Handmade in Italy, lightweight, puncture resistant and all-purpose. What more could you ask for in a tire?


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