The Dangers of Improper Tire Inflation for New Tires and Used Tires in Tampa FL

Improper tire inflation can be very dangerous, whether you are driving with new car tires or used truck tires in Tampa FL. It can cause a tire blowout. A single tire blowout in a vehicle often causes tire failure in the other tires, as well. They are either punctured by debris or they overheat due to the sudden uneven distribution of the load.

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the number one road debris on highways is made of tire pieces from tire blowouts. Such debris is hazardous and causes other accidents, with up to 25,000 accidents and a minimum of 100 fatalities every year in the United States and Canada combined, not to mention numerous injuries.

Most tire blowouts happen to trucks. This may be because trucks carry heavier loads. It could also probably be due to the fact that trucks often have used tires. Because they have had longer exposure, used truck tires need better monitoring by drivers in Tampa FL.

If you decide to go for used truck tires, it would be safer to find retread tires from reputable dealers. Make sure you get retread used truck tires with sound warranties. Cheap used tires can be dangerous, especially if bought from unreliable sources in Tampa FL.

Tire blowouts are usually caused by improper inflation. The rule is simple – there is a proper inflation for every tire size and load. Drivers should take note of their vehicle load and take it into consideration to avoid under or over inflation. Check the tires before any trip that includes a heavy load or before any long trip and immediately correct tire inflation.

Tire inflation should be checked while the tires are cold, using a properly calibrated tire pressure gauge of good quality. Even for vehicles that do not carry heavy loads or do not go on long trips, tire pressure should be checked at least once every month. It would be best to check them more frequently, even weekly. The usual practice of thumping tires to check if they need air is definitely not enough.

It must be noted that tire pressure is affected by both time and temperature. Even if the vehicle is not in use, tires normally lose about 1 psi per month. When the temperature drops by 10 degrees Fahrenheit, tirepressure can also drop by as much as 1 psi. When the temperature rises by as much, tire pressure can also increase by 1 psi.

The most common cause of tire blowout is under inflation. Not enough inflation means an overloaded tire. Tread wear becomes uneven, with more wear on the shoulders or outer edges. The sidewall is allowed to flex more while rolling, building up heat internally. This increases resistance in rolling and reduces fuel economy by up to five percent. Handling becomes sluggish, losing steering precision significantly and reducing cornering ability. The build up of heat and the flexing can lead to mechanical damage and, ultimately, tire failure. The life of the tire is shortened by as much as 25 percent.

Over inflation also causes uneven tread wear, resulting in shorter tire life. More wear is concentrated on the center of the tread which bears the heaviest load. Over inflated tires do not absorb road irregularities properly, giving a rough ride. They are also more easily punctured by road debris or damaged by impact from potholes or humps.

It does not matter if you have new car tires or used truck tires, expensive tires or cheap tires. Whatever kind of tires you have in Tampa FL, you need to have proper tire inflation.


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